slag from newcastle: Watch online porn channel

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uk man 6 years ago
Yeah so it's a slag from Liverpool, not Newcastle
wtf 9 years ago
Was this recorded with a potato
wtf 9 years ago
She is a potato
Nobody 7 years ago
She reminds me of some one I know. :/ she looks too young as well. I'm suprised this hasn't been taken down yet.
EY EY EY 7 years ago
Calm down! Calm down! looks like there in a shit hole of a room,
she a prozzie Like ?
Scouser 8 years ago
I've not seen this one since megaporn was taken down
dave 10 years ago
anyone know her name i think its ... but dont wanna say
Chris 10 years ago
Thats liverpool not newcastle (scouser not geordie)
john 10 years ago
what a fat little slut
uk lad 11 years ago
sound scouse to me...(liverpool for you others)