Water Based Paints (Emulsions) are environmentally friendly products, based on high quality copolymer and acrylic emulsion. Contain pigments, extenders, anti-fungal and antibacterial additives. Low VOC products.
Product Range:
Plastic Emulsion • Acryl Emulsion I • Nice Emulsion • Matt Emulsion • Aery! Emulsion II • Eggshell Emulsion Matt/Silky • Weather Resist Matt/Silky • Acry l ic Super Emulsion • Super matt Emulsion • Gloss Emulsion • Shield Topcoat Silk/Gloss • Protect Seal • Sil icone Emulsion (matt/silk) • Insect Resist (matt/silk) • Defendem •Acryl ic Eggshell Emulsion Gold • National Matt Emu lsion (with Teflon surface protector) • National Eggshell Emu lsion Silk (with Teflon surface protector) • National Gloss Emulsion (with Teflon surface protector).

  • Water, weather and alkali resistant (for exterior application)
  • Contains antifungal and antibacterial additives
  • Gives smooth finish (Glossy, Silky, Matt)
  • Easy to apply and fast drying
  • High coverage quality
  • Better stain resistance
  • Easy to clean
  • Low VOC
  • highly washable
  • Recommended Use:
    Recommended for interior and exterior purposes (depending on the product) and can be used on concrete, plaster, gypsum and wooden surfaces. (Refer to technical data sheets for specification).
    Theoretical Spreading Rate:
    7.5-10.5 m2 I liter depending on application method, nature of surface, film thickness etc.
    Application Method and Thinning:
    Roller, brush or spray. For thinning add I 0-15 % water if neces­ sary.
    Drying Time:
    Touch dry: 30 minutes to I hour.
    Specific colors other than our standard shades can be created through National Computerized Colors Tinting System that offers a wide selection of shades (other than National Plastic Emulsion and National Acryl Emulsion I