Wall Plastering Machines

Wall Plaster Spraying Machine

Model : Worm Pump IM4 Buddy
Wall plaster spraying machine is engineered by FRIGMAIRES in collaboration with BAUMANN, Germany. These are TuV, CE, GS and ISO 9001 certified and acclaimed for longer service life. These are engineered using best available techniques and following international industrial standard. These are admired for unique design, compact size and high functional efficiency.

  • FRIGMAIRES iM4 is a very compact, flexible and efficient mixing pump.
  • FRIGMAIRES iM4 Buddy is designed to process almost all pumpable pre-mixed dry mortars of grain size
  • Up to 4 mm diameter. Fully equipped with a reliable compressor and a high performance water pump.
  • Easy to disassemble and easy to transport.
  • FRIGMAIRES iM4 your best Buddy in every job site
  • Unique Design, Powerful, Reliable
  • iM4 Buddy is the all-rounder amongst plastering machines, well known in many markets. With a 200
  • l/min air compressor and powerful 5,5W pump drive it can handle most pumpable dry mixed mortars
  • Working the FRIGMAIRES iM4 Buddy is easy. The logic design of the machine makes it easy to operate
  • Even for workers who never used a mixing pump before. Water flow control ... on the iM4 it is all at the right place, easy to understand and easy to operate.
  • Anytime and anywhere
  • MOC: SS304 with MS component plate
  • Controller: Solid state electronic controller with photoelectric sensor
  • Changing rotor/stator? Even this maintenance task is easy and can be done in a few minutes. With a fold-up mixing tube, the integrated mounting aid, the iM4 Buddy is great Buddy and a great assistant.
    Accessories Included:
  • Remote Control
  • Mortar Hose
  • Spray Gun
  • Operation Manual
  • Sponge Balls
    Applications perfect for the FRIGMAIRES iM4 Buddy:
  • Interior Plaster
  • Lime Cement Render
  • Cement Sand Render
  • Gypsum Plaster
  • Skim Coat
  • Fire Proofing Mortars
  • Reinforcement Mortars
  • Adhesive Mortars
  • Self Levelling Mortars
  • A reliable Buddy for every application with an output ranging between 5 and 40 l/min (depending on rotor / stator used) and operating pressure of up to 40 bar.

    Technical Data:
  • Pump type: D5, 2.5 B Power
  • Theor delivery rate: 25 l/min
  • Delivery pressure: 40 bar
  • Delivery distance: Up to 40 m horizontally, 15 m high
  • Air compressor: 0.55 kW/ 200 l/min
  • Drive pump: 400 V / 50 Hz / 5.5 kW, 392 rpm
  • Drive hopper: 1.1 kW at 23 rpm
  • Tank capacity: 1151
  • Water pump: 0.78 kW at 3.4 m /h
  • Weight: 240 kg
  • Length: 1,324 mm
  • Width: 728 mm
  • Height: 1,443 mm
  • Filling height: 984 mm
  • Discharge connection: M 35
  • Maximum grain size: 4 mm
  • Part No: B99 253 0001
  • The delivery rate depends on the rotor/stator and pump speed (rpm). Depending on the speed, the delivery rate may be higher or lower.
Accessories Inclusive :

No Part No Part Name QTY. Picture
1 B402592 Standard Spray gun 1 Standard Spray gun
2 B211800 Case for documentation 1 Case for documentation
3 B214754 Fine plast.nozzle, rubber 1 Fine Plast
4 B213725 Plain compression ring (D35mm) 1 Plain compression ring
5 B207764 Plain compression ring (D25mm) 2 Plain compression ring
6 B413895 Rubber seal ring 3 Rubber seal ring
7 B000239 Sponge ball 3 Sponge ball
8 B207936 Water connection piece 1 Water connection piece
9 B064073 Piercer 1 Piercer
10 B212333 Air hose 1 Air Hose
11 B211966 Mortar hose DN25 15M 1 Mortar hose
12 B440601 Double open end Spanner 1 Double open end Spanner

Wall Plaster Sprayer Machine

Model : Worm Pumps PM 5X Series
Wall plaster spraying machine is engineered by FRIGMAIRES in collaboration with BAUMANN, Germany. These machines are engineered under the firm direction of experienced quality controllers and acclaimed for consistent performance. These are TuV, CE, GS and ISO 9001 certified and available in various technical specifications. These are admired for its shield design and speed lock which protects the sudden and accidently speed change of pump.

FRIGMAIRES introduces the PM 5X series for universal mortar application:

  • If PM 5X each machine has its own individual strength and all of them are built to perform even under the most difficult job site conditions.
  • From plastering to grouting, from fire proofing to flooring. The PM 5X series is always the choice of professional applicators all around the world.
  • FRIGMAIRES shield design and speed lock ... any other features
  • While the PM 5X are equipped with a high end gear drive with speed Lock. When deployed, the speed lock prevents that the speed of the pump can be changed accidently or unintentionally.


  • The PM 5X Worm pumps are extremely flexible and efficient
  • A large variety of accessories ensure perfect application solutions for each material and each application
  • PM 5X machine is designed to be very easy to save time, money and speeds up the application work

Accessories Included:

  • Remote control
  • Tool set
  • Grease gun
  • Sponge balls for hose cleaning
  • Operating manual

The PM 5X series is suitable for almost all types of mortar applications such as:

  • Base coat plaster/render
  • Decorative plaster/render
  • Structural coatings
  • Bonding layers
  • Skim coats
  • Self levelling floor
  • Fire proofing mortar
  • Grouting repair mortar
  • Insulation mortar
  • Refractory mortar
  • Fiber glass mortar
Technical data:
  • Versions: with pan mixer 100
  • Worm pump: 2L6
  • Delivery pressure: 7-40 l/min
  • Delivery rate: 25 bar
  • Drive mixer: 2.2 kW
  • Delivery distance: upto 60m horizontally; 40m high
  • Drive motor: 5.5 kW, 400V
  • Weight: 400 kg
  • Length: 2,290 mm
  • Width: 680 mm
  • Height: 1,150 mm
  • Hopper volume: 100 l
  • Maximum grain size: 6 mm
  • Discharge connection: M 35
  • Part No. : B99 254 0010

Accessories Inclusive :
No Part No Part Name QTY. Picture
1 B000110 Screw driver 4.5*110*6 1 screw driver
2 B000112 Grease gun 1 Grease gun
3 B000115 Double open end. spanner 2 Fine Plast
4 B000116 Double open end. spanner 2 Fine Plast
5 B000117 Double open end. spanner 2 Fine Plast
6 B065044 Sponge ball Ø 45 1 Sponge ball
7 B213725 Plain compression ring 2 Sponge ball
8 B211800 Case for documentation 1 Water connection piece
9 B464551 Remote control 1 Remote control
10 B014184 B014184 1
11 B420989 Pressure gauge 0-40bar,Ø60mm 1
12 B207615 Mortar hose DN35 13.3m 1
13 B001665 B001665 1
14 B001306 Spray pipe,straight V35 1