Packing-Bagging-Machines For Dry Powders

Auger Filler Model AP-100j

Auger filler model AP-100j is ergonomically engineered by implementing best available techniques and using high quality components. These are available in standard capacity from 250 gms to 5000 gms powder. These machines have filling speed of Upto15 pouches per minute of 250 gms and these are acclaimed for its consistent performance. Besides all these, machines offered by us have volumetric filling mode which make these extensively useful.

  • Capacity: from 250 gms to 5000 gms powder
  • Control: Solid state electronic controller
  • Operation mode: auto and manual mode with adjustable delay time between the fills
  • Filling speed: upto15 pouches per minute of 250 gms. Pack size, depending upon bulk density, product flow ability and efficiency of operator
  • Auger & funnel: machine will be provided with one set of auger and funnel for filling one
  • Filling accuracy: ± 2% at constant powder level in the machine hopper and consistency
  • Powder feeding: To be arranged by you
    Control Panel
  • MOC: SS304 with MS component plate
  • Controller: Solid state electronic controller with photoelectric sensor
  • Filling mode: volumetric filling mode
  • Motor: 2 HP motor with variable speed drive
  • Clutch/brake unit: electromagnetic clutch/brake unit for filling control
  • Stirrer: through heavy metallic helical gearing
  • Stirrer elements: stirrer elements are heavier for large quantity of powder
    Physical Specifications:
  • Machine hopper: 80 litres
  • MOC: All parts coming in direct contact of the product made from S.S. 304. All other parts made from MS/CI (for GMP models all parts are made from S.S. 304 or covered with S.S. 304 sheets)
    Overall Dimensions:
  • Main machine: 950mm X 1000mm X 1250mm
  • Supporting frame: 750mm X 900mm X 900mm
  • Net weight: 275 kgs. approx
  • Mobility: main machine with frame provided with castor wheels

Gross Weighing System

Gross Weighing System is exclusively designed and developed as per international industrial standard. These are ideal to use for various sticky products. These are very easy to install in minimal height place also as these can be easily installed in the net weighing system. These are straightened with a sealing unit for sack weights ranging from 1 to 5 kg. Besides, its line operation is executed through paper sacks with an inner plastic coating. These are available in various technical specifications.

Open Mouth Bagging Machine

Open Mouth Bagging Machine is precisely engineered under the firm direction of experienced quality controllers and using latest techniques. These are fitted with screw feeder and open mouth bag which make these very easy to use. These are extensively used by large number of clients as these have maximum output of 70 to 80 bags. These machines are compact in size and acclaimed for uninterrupted performance and longer service life.

    Technical Specifications:
  • Name: mortar / dry powders
  • Flow characteristics: semi free flowing
  • Digital sealing power indicator with retention of last setting in memory
    Bagging Machine:
  • Type: gross bagging machine
  • Feeder type: screw feeder
  • Weighing range: 10 - 50 kgs
  • Maximum output: 70 to 80 bags bags of Accuracy : +/- 0.25 % for 1 sigma
  • Type of bag: open mouth
  • Power requirement: 440 Volts, 3 phase 50 HZ AC - 2 H.P
  • Compressed Air: 4 lts of free air per cycle 6 kgs/ cm2 pressure
  • Material of construction: all contact parts MS
  • Painting: synthetic enamel paint

    The above accuracy will be subject to the following conditions:

  • Uniform inflow of material
  • Sufficient Air pressure
  • Material without lumps
  • Machine should be free from vibration
  • Scope of Supply
    Bag Filling Machine Comprising Of:
  • Storage Hopper 300 Ltr. Capacity
  • Screw Feeder with Agitator
  • Bagging Chute mounted on load cells with pneumatically operated Bag clamp.
  • Microprocessor Based Controller TAB C01-02
  • Electrical Panel for feeder


Palletiser is uniquely designed and developed using best available techniques and following international industrial standard. These devices are very easy to install and widely recommended by clients owing to its consistent performance and durability. These devices ensure perfect in every operation. These are straightened with sack-closing lines, system control and operation and many other allied attachments for effective performance
When designing a packing line for specific used in your company, we have in mind.

    Packing Specifications:
  • Supply of a packing line at a reasonable price.
  • Development of packing lines with your specifications as our standard.

Business Thinking::- We guarantee the perfect working of our packing lines, as we are involved in designing them with utmost precision.

Sack-Closing Lines: The following closing devices are available:

  • Filling lines for all types of sacks and bags
  • Bag placing units for open mouth sacks and bags
  • Closing systems : sewing, folding and sewing, sealing, sealing inliner and sewing outer bag, - double
  • folding and closing with hot melt, - closing pinch bag by folding and reactivating the glue
  • Sack vacuum techniques
  • Check weighers
  • Big bag ling systems
  • Palletisers
  • Stretchood machines

    Equipment Range:

  • Stitching
  • Fold-over and Stitch
  • Stitching with crepe
  • Heat sealing
  • Pinch closing (by means of re-activating a pre-applied line of hot melt adhesive on the mouthap).
  • Single or double fold-over and closing with hot melt.
  • Combinations of above-mentioned closing systems in one single line.

    System Control And Operation:

    All the systems of filling are designed by ARODO and are controlled by using PLC. These can be easily operated with the use of touch screen as all are perfectly metered with that, which also provides the following relevant information:

  • Number of revolutions of the dosing device
  • Sack closing device selection
  • Sealing time
  • Cooling time
  • Sack length
  • Current capacity
  • Current dosing time
  • Number of units produced
  • All the parameters can be saved under a product name or product number.
  • There is record of the last 200 breakdowns including the nature of the breakdown occurred.
  • In case of a breakdown the touch screen will display problem-solving

RODOMATIC - Tube-on-a-Reel System

RODOMATIC - tube-on-a-reel system is ergonomically engineered from first grade components. These are straightened with P.E. plastic sacks which are formed from the tube for automatic filling spout. These are extensively used for the packaging of various raw products. These have a smooth operation of automatic sack length detection of print registered film, which make these extensively useful and effective.

  • Suitable for flat or gusseted tubular film.
  • Provides fast change of sack width to reduce changeover time.
  • Provides with lifting mechanism for the reel to eliminate manual handling problems.
  • Simple adjustment of the sack length via the touch screen interface for continuous printed film.
  • Automatic sack length detection of print registered film.
  • Possibility to apply corner seals.
  • Possibility to apply a hand-grip with a carrying load up to 25 kg depending on the design.
  • Space in the system to build in labelling and printing devices.
  • Possibly to incorporate a sack-placing device to enable the handling of pre-made sacks as those made from the reel.

Sack Filling Systems

Sack filling systems is precisely engineered for bag weights ranging from 1 to 5 kg or from 5 to 50 kg and also for different sized and shaped sacks. These are designed as per international industrial standard and acclaimed for high functionality, consistent performance and reliability. The entire closing station is executed in stepped synchronisation for entire pre-closing and critical closing operations including fold over, sealing and pinch and many others. These are available in various technical specifications and range.

  • Capacity: up to 1400 sacks/hr.

Valve Type Double Spout Auto Packing Machine

Valve Type Double Spout Auto Packing Machine is engineered under the firm direction of experienced quality controllers. These are straightened with pneumatic type feeding, pneumatic type bag clamp and many other allied parts to ensure effective usage. These are admired for its consistent performance and high efficiency. These devices are extensively recommended by clients owing to its longer service life and effective usage.

  • Pneumatic Type feeding
  • Automatic Overfill compensation
  • Adjustable coarse and fine feed rate and quality
  • Micro computer controlled
  • Pneumatic type bag Clamp
  • Maximum output 400 bags per hour
  • Filling capacity 10/50 KG (rated for 25 and 50 kg bags only)
  • For Smaller Bags Output Will Reduce
Grain Size Composition:

Max size of in-feed material graduated send size’s from 5mm, 3mm, 2mm. Minimum bag mouth opening size to be 65mm.

  • Model: Model PF02E
  • Packing Capacity: 400 bags per hour
  • Machine will be complete in all respects, factory assembled and ready for installation under feed hopper.

Grain Size Composition:

Max size of in-feed material graduated send size’s from 5mm, 3mm, 2mm. Minimum bag mouth opening size to be 65mm.

  • Filling assembly mounted on structure
  • Electronic weighing system
  • Control board
  • Compressed air requirement is 500 LPM at 7 kg/cm and is to be arranged by customer.

    Technical Specification for Stationery Packer:
  • Equipment: stationery packer
  • Material handled: dry mortars
  • Bulk density of material: 0.8 - 1.2 T/m
  • Max grain size: 5 mm max (samples will be sent to you 100 gms each)
  • Filling capacity/unit bag: 25 kg/50 kg
  • Filing range: 10-50 Kgs. Min. Nozzle size for bag will be 65mm
  • Output per hour: 400 kgs/hour (only 25 and 50 kgs bags)
  • Provided size of bag is uniform & big enough & operator is efficient & trained
  • Weighing system: electronic load cell
  • Accuracy: After starting the Packer, Electronic Indicator automatically adjust itself within 5 to 7 Bags then accuracy will be 50 kg +/- 250 grams for an average of 20 consecutive weighments, provided bag size is as per ISI & uniform with sufficient perforations & proper valve size.
  • Temperature of product: 50 to 60 C
  • Power requirement: 440 V A.C. three phase @50 Hz
  • Air requirement: 400 lpm at 7 kg/cm (single spout)
  • Scope Of Supply:
    Stationery Packer:
  • Main Frame Assembly
  • Suspension frame with 2 filling spouts
  • Filling assembly with casting and belt
  • Electronic load cell arrangement
  • Electrical panel box
  • Pneumatic panel box
  • Air cylinders
  • FRL, pressure regulators & pressure gauge
  • Pneumatically controlled slide gate x 2 Nos, with 3 positions air cylinder
  • Adjustable bag rest
  • Solenoid valves & fittings (janatics make)
  • Bag holders with air cylinder
  • Major Electrical Components Stationery Packer:
  • Electronic microprocessor based control unit
  • Electronic microprocessor based control unit
  • Push button station
  • Load Cell of 110 / 225 kg capacity
  • Indicator Lamps
  • S.M.P.S. (regulated power supply) for each electric panel
  • MCB, electrical contactors, MPCB etc
  • Microprocessor paper type

Volume Dosing

Volume Dosing is engineered from first grade components and following international industrial standard. These are available in different range as per the products to be packaged. These are ideal to use for various products including sand, gravel, compost and many others and a chamber-dosing device is used for cat liner and granules etc. these are available with the combinations of RODOMATIC Tube-on-a-Reel system.